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Blind Cleaning

Professional custom blind and drapery cleaning. Our installers will carefully remove and reinstall your existing window coverings. 


Our professionals will remove and repair your existing window treatments including and not limited to honeycomb cellular shades, roller/sun shades, drapery, and existing chains and cords plus many more. Please contact for more options.

  • Home Automation Integration
    Boost your windows’ IQ. Integrate your motorized window coverings with a compatible smart home system to synchronize light and privacy control for maximum convenience.

  • Voice Control Operation
    Controlling automated window coverings is more convenient than ever before with the new Shades skill for most Amazon Alexa and Google Home enabled devices. Use the power of voice to open and close the shades. “Alexa, set my Living Room Shades to 80%.” Now we’re talking!

  • Energy Saving
    You can’t program the weather, but you can program your motorized window coverings to help save on energy costs. Set your window coverings to open or close during the hottest – or coldest – times of the day. Pretty cool, right?

  • Privacy and Security
    Out of sight, but not out of reach. Operate your motorized window coverings with your smartphone, even when you are away from home.


Whether drapery, window shades or awnings our professional installers and contractor will ensure meticulous workmanship. Our installers finalize every measure to ensure a custom fit.

In Home Consultation

We offer a high level of service in the comfort of your home. We bring the fashion to you.​


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